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The omphalomin, interactive sound sculpture


Gun Holmström's interactive sound sculpture


in the Rekipello Park in Vesala, Helsinki on June 20, 2006 at 2 p.m.

The Omphalomin is made of stainless steel and creates sound through optical sensors. The artist has also planned the three winding stone aisles that lead up to the small hill where the sculpture is placed. The entity is a peculiar but harmonious art work.

Gun Holmström describes her work as follows:

” Omphalos” is Greek and means ”navel”, the centre of the world. The omphalos was one of the most central objects in the temples of the oracles, and it was said to communicate directly with the gods. The Omphalomin is a a sculpture as well as an instrument, and has a similar shape as the Greek model. It is an interactive element in a public environment - a park in Helsinki - and works in its fullest function when it is being actively used. Each user plays the Omphalomin in his/her own way and is able to create everything from omphalominic symphonies to improvised sound worlds. The mirror-like surface of the sculpture reflects the environment, and the optic sensors reacts softly to the movement of the hands of the player. As well as the sculpture itself, the sound works as a sculptural element – it has a mould, texture and dynamics. Each player, young or old, gives their own interpretation of the Omphalomin and communicates with both themselves and the occasional listener.

Gun Holmström (born in Porvoo municipality 1964) is one of Finland 's internationally well-known artists and has studied at Turku Art Academy and Valand School of Art at Gothenburg University . She has specialized on video - and multimedia art but makes also installations and sculptures. She participates actively in exhibitions in Finland and abroad. The Art Museum of Helsinki commissioned the sculpture in autumn 2004.

The sound sculpture is inaugurated by the City Council Second Chairman Pekka Sauri. The artist, personnel from the Helsinki City Art Museum and other parties involved in the project will be there as well. Welcome!

Further information:

Visual artist Gun Holmström
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Architect Klas Fontell
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