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Text på svenska av JO Mallander 2018 / JO Mallanderin teksti suomeksi 2018

"The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths!"-Bruce Nauman

New art trends rarely give an aging critic that much satisfaction, but finding a new talent is always pleasing. We like when someone surprises us by showing a new version of what it's all about, in life and in art.

Anyway, it’s pleasing to encounter someone who has found a way to spiritual reality, and who has begun to visualize it’s insights and methods and also reveal what the spiritual pursuit is about. Genuinely and with good taste - in a new way but in accordance with the given codes. Something Newnew does probably not exist. The spiritual struggle is new to all - a work with the unknown.

Fortunately, such spiritual seekers appear occasionally, even in Finland. The latest proof is Gunzi Holmström; a mature artist who, through a crisis, found a new channel for her spiritual growth in art. For the last six years, she has explored this new vision and processed it in her art. The key to this is meditation, the new culture's Sampo.

Already now the artist's harvest is remarkable: a versatile vision where each step reveals a new insight. The traces of the crisis is still there, which is good for credibility, but the artist's journey is mainly now unrestrained and often joyful. The pictures are clear and fresh, breathing findings from the stream of the consciousness. We need them.

There is no end to the vision. But every artist seeks the Great Symbol of Life, which makes all the phenomena of life organized and meaningful. Art is a good tool for it. It will be interesting to follow Gunzi Holmström's artistic journey, and see where her way is still leading. The best thing I can hope for is an understanding audience.

J.O.Mallander 8.7.2018


Hon målar det vi inte kan se – Gunzi Holmström låter bilderna komma via meditation. Artikel av Anna Dönsberg, YLE. 2018.

"Gunzi Holmström". Museonjohtaja Päivi Kiiski kirjoittaa "Pilven taju"-näyttelystäni blogissaan. 2015

Artikel på svenska Yle: Med vattenfärg genom livskrisen 2015

Skenet: Gun Holmström Muuttuneita muotoja. Mikko Oranen 2008

CtrlP_Issue 8 (Asciibesques.) A journal of contemporary art published digitally. Edited by Judy Freya Sibayan.

TUTKA. Ajan tasalla mediasta. Mediataiteilija ei halua lokeroitua. Text by Jussi Kokkola (in Finnish)

FRAMEWORK Issue 4/ Dec '05 (ISSN 1459-6288)
Describing the Indescribable. Gun Holmström and the Art of Perception. Text by John Gayer.

Dominion Post 23/2/07 Everything is Connected
Sweet Punch: Nordic Video Art
Text by Mark Amery

Solo Show, Ryllega Art Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam http://vtc.vn/vanhoa/11552/index.htm

NY ARTS September/October 2005, Vol. 10, No.9/10
The Act of Generosity. Text by John Gayer

Artists: Curated by Razvan Ion. http://www.pavilionmagazine.org/100fm.pdf

Fable et emotions ineffables. (ACTUALITÉS/DÉBATS; 'In the Raw' video art exhibit by Gun Holmstrom at Optica Center in Montreal ) : An article from: Etc. Montreal [HTML] (Digital) by Réjan-Bernard Cormier. Available for download from Amazon.com.

Gun Holmström
Published Mar 2002
24 page publication documenting - with colour images - recent works by Gun Holmström. Foreward by Kirsty Ogg. Text by Harri Kalha

Alphabets and Tools
September 2 - 25 1999 at Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, USA
gender, identity and transgression. Text by Berndt Arell



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