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"Gunzi Holmström". Museonjohtaja Päivi Kiiski kirjoittaa "Pilven taju"-näyttelystäni blogissaan. 2015

Artikel på svenska Yle: Med vattenfärg genom livskrisen 2015

Skenet: Gun Holmström Muuttuneita muotoja. Mikko Oranen 2008

CtrlP_Issue 8 (Asciibesques.) A journal of contemporary art published digitally. Edited by Judy Freya Sibayan.

TUTKA. Ajan tasalla mediasta. Mediataiteilija ei halua lokeroitua. Text by Jussi Kokkola (in Finnish)

FRAMEWORK Issue 4/ Dec '05 (ISSN 1459-6288)
Describing the Indescribable. Gun Holmström and the Art of Perception. Text by John Gayer.

Dominion Post 23/2/07 Everything is Connected
Sweet Punch: Nordic Video Art
Text by Mark Amery

Solo Show, Ryllega Art Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam http://vtc.vn/vanhoa/11552/index.htm

NY ARTS September/October 2005, Vol. 10, No.9/10
The Act of Generosity. Text by John Gayer

Artists: Curated by Razvan Ion. http://www.pavilionmagazine.org/100fm.pdf

Fable et emotions ineffables. (ACTUALITÉS/DÉBATS; 'In the Raw' video art exhibit by Gun Holmstrom at Optica Center in Montreal ) : An article from: Etc. Montreal [HTML] (Digital) by Réjan-Bernard Cormier. Available for download from Amazon.com.

Gun Holmström
Published Mar 2002
24 page publication documenting - with colour images - recent works by Gun Holmström. Foreward by Kirsty Ogg. Text by Harri Kalha

Alphabets and Tools
September 2 - 25 1999 at Artemisia Gallery, Chicago, USA
gender, identity and transgression. Text by Berndt Arell



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