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Paintings 2020

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I was invited by the Kosminen Gallery in Helsinki to exhibit some new works in autumn 2020. I showed paintings, drawings and an animation.

“We are part of nature, and like us, nature is consciousness.It was a unusual winter with no snow, and I was often sitting on the green moss in the forest, whispering with the trees. I wrote and sketched, and finally it became an animation that I call The Spiritual Life of a Spruce. I also show a series of new watercolors, which are a kind of landscapes. I paint nothing you can see, but perhaps experience. To me, there is a clear idea in the picture, and nothing is there by chance. The theosophists have their thought forms, Kandinsky spoke of color as a force that influences the soul and the body, and Hilma af Klint almost anxiously tried to sort out the meaning of her abstract forms and define them in words. I do not think it is possible - it is a language that must be read with the heart.” Gunzi H 

A review of this show: by Pontus Kyander, Hufvudstadsbladet. (In swedish).


Landscape With Soul, 2020, watercolor, 56x76 cm   





Landscape With Rainbow, 2019, water color, 51x41 cm


Exhibition view from Kosminen Gallery, Helsinki 2020


Landscape With Dying Hero, 2020, watercolor, 76x56cm 

Landscape With Eternity, 2020, watercolor, 76x56cm

Landscape With Sun, 2020, watercolor, 56x76cm

Melancolic Landscape, 2020, watercolor, 76x56cm


Thinking Landscape, 2020, watercolor, 76x56cm


The Spiritual Life of A Spruce, 2020, 15 charcoal drawings, 20x20 cm


Nature Spirit, 2020, watercolor, 76x56cm (not in the show)



© Gun Holmström 2020