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Paintings 2015

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Paintings from my exhibition "Hello Heaven" in Helsinki. All the paintings are named after prophets. Soili Mustapää wrote that "The paintings as well as the installation included in the exhibition take the audience through abstraction to a timeless dimension where things always appear new and reformed, as if seen through the eyes of a child. When looking at Holmström’s works, one can sense that they have been inspired by the image worlds of different spiritual movements as they bring together universal structures as well as symbols through which she explores light and a visible and invisible world. The exhibition offers the audience a reminder that at its best art is contemplation and it allows us to build a bridge towards spirituality."

Isaiah, 2015, water colour, 56xc76cm

Haggai, 2015, water colour, 56x56cm

Exhibition view from Huuto Gallery, Uudenmaankatu 2015









Zecharia, 2015, water colour, 56x56cm

Ezekiel, 2015, water colour, 76x56cm (Sold)

Bileam, 2015, water colour, 56x76cm


Exhibition view from Huuto Gallery, Uudenmaankatu

Obadja, 2015, water colour, 35x35cm




Deborah, 2015, water colour, 35x35cm

Habakuck, 2015, water colour, 35x35xcm





Elisha, 2015, water colour, 35x35cm



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