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  • Upcoming group show "The Careful Movers" together with Minna Haukka and Maritta Nurmi. In Longa Gallery, Helsinki 5.2. - 25.2.24.
  • Upcoming solo show in Laikku Studio in Tampere 30.3.-5.5.2024.
  • Upcoming group show "Reliefs for Animals" in Rostrum Gallery, Malmö, Sweden 26.10 - 17.11 2024. Together with Jesse Avdeikov, Laura Dahlberg, Juliana Hyrri, Kalle Mustonen and Linda Roschier. The exhibition project is a collaboration between Huuto Gallery and Rostrum.



  • Solo exhibition "The Cloud of Unknowing" in Gallery A2, Helsinki, 2-22 oktober 2023.
  • Huuto-Parazit-project, a collaboration between artist from Huuto and artists in St. Peterburg.
    Exhibition and book launch in Galleria Huuto 23.11.-17.12.2023
  • Release of an art book containen a selection of paintings from the last ten years and with text by curator Juha-Heikki Tihinen. The book contains text in Finnish, Swedish and English, and can be ordered from me, and bought from the Gallery A2 during my upcoming exhibiton, see above. Very excited about this book, which is my first! Big thanks for the support from TAIKE, Konstsamfundet and Nygrén Foundation which made this project possible!
  • Club Antropocen and the Antropocene Laboratory 23-24 September at Slipvillan, Stockholm. Book presentation, exhibition, film, performance, networking.
  • The commissioned artwork Mushroom consists of a bronze sculpture and a sound installation. Sensors in the soil pick up the ambiguous communication in the biosphere between the mycelium of fungi and the roots of trees, and register the signals of other secret life underground. The signals give impulses to a dreamy and melodic music that sounds among the trees by the seashore on Hanaholmen's southwestern headland. The art work is placed in the Art Park of Hanaholmen Cultural Center. The inauguration will happen on September the 14. My thanks to Pro Artibus Foundation, to Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, to the invaluable Jari Lehtinen who made the technical realization and to everybody who has made this work possible!
  • Svenska kulturfonden has awarded me a one year working grant for 2023. My sincere thanks for the support!
  • Participating in the group exhibition Huh-Huh at Galleria Huuto. It's the opening exhibition at the new place in Kalastajasatama in Helsinki. From 21th of April to 7th of May 2023.



  • The artist-run association Huuto is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with a huge group exhibition called OOOOOOOHH! in Huuto Gallery 10.12.–1.1.2023. I'm participating with a painting and with an installation of sculptures.
  • My animation The Spiritual Life of a Spruce is shown at the Central Library Oodi in Helsinki from 4-30 November 2022 (ground floor). The media art project Yhteys/Connection is arranged by Helsinki Artist Association. Other participating artists are Noora Kaunisto, Pia Männikkö, Vappu Rossi, Otto Santalaand Maija Toropainen.
  • Group exhibition at Pärnu Linnagalerii, Estonia fro 29th of September to 22th of October 2022. The exhibition is a part of the Helsinki Artist Associations Europe project (ArtTube 2). Participating artists are Pirjetta Brander, Gunzi Holmström, Petri Hytönen, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Pia Männikkö, Noora Ojala, Mari Sydänmaanlakka ja Juha Vanonen.
  • My animation The Spiritual Life of a Spruce is a part of a program by Club Anthropocene. Several screenings, the first in Paris Cité des Arts in September 22-24 2022.
  • Participation in Konstrundan, also known as The Art Circuit: an open studio event that takes place every year during the first weekend of September. Hundreds of artists are participating. Welcome to visit my studio at Levytie 2-4 in Roihupelto, Helsinki!
  • This spring I've been working intensely with an animation project for the opening exhibition at the Stockholm-based web3 LEAP gallery. The collection of 11 GIF-animations - hommage to different artists that have had an impact on my art making - will be listed at Makersplace, a platform for NFT-art. It's been a pleasure to collaborate with the eminent and supportive gallerist Ellika Sjöstrand! It's so exciting to be represented at her gallery!
    Instagram leap_gallery
  • An article in Finnish and Swedish about my time as a video- and animation teacher at the Nordic Art School in Kokkola.
  • Solo show at the Huuto Gallery, Helsinki from January 31 to February 27 2022. I will show a new video installation called "The Silence of Sini" (supported by AVEK, TAIKE and the Stina Krook Foundation). 
  • Participating in the exhibition Nordic Salon (Nordisk Salong) at Dunckers Cultural Centre in Helsingborg, Sweden, 3 December 2021 – 3 April 2022.
  • This project may be cancelled due to the Russian agression towards Ukrain: Group exhibition in the Borey Art Center in St. Petersburg and the Huuto gallery in Helsinki. A collaboration between two artists collectives - Huuto and Parazite. The project will result in an collaborative artist book and two exhibitions and involves over 40 artists from Finland and Russia.


  • My animation "The Spiritual Life of a Spruce" has been selected to be part of Nature | Human, an exhibition in Montreal curated by Tamar Tembeck that will be presented at OBORO. Nature | Human will take place from November 6th to December 11th, 2021. Nature | Human is a collaboration between OBORO, Ada X and GIV (Groupe Intervention Vidéo). Many thanks!
  • TAIKE, the Arts Promotion Centre in Finland has awarded me a one year working grant for 2022. My sincere thanks for the support!
  • My video Aura Kanervo Merivuokko was selected to The Montreal Feminist Film Festival, which took place March 4th to 8th, 2021. My thanks to my distributor  GIV (Groupe Intervention Vidéo)!
  • Group show "Eyes In The Message", 1-24 Oktober 2021, in Gallery 54, Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with the Finnish artists Aleksi Martikainen, Terhi Heino, Päivi Allonen, Salla Järvinen and Kaarina Ormio. Supported by TAIKE, Frame, Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland and Letterstedska föreningen.


  • Very greatful to be awarded a prize by the foundation Héléne och Walter Grönqvists Stiftelse.  Thank you for supporting my artistic work!

  • Exhibition review by Pontus Kyander in Hufvudstadsbladet (in Swedish)

  • Solo exhibition: Everything has a secret soul 1th to 25th of October 2020. I'm so happy by being invited by Gallery Kosminen to have this show. I showed an animation - "The Spiritual Life of a Spruce", charcoal drawings and new paintings.

  • Participation in the exhibition #social at Cica Museum, Korea, September 16 – October 4, 2020

  • Participation in the Summer Exhibition arranged by the Kosminen Collective, Helsinki, July 2 - 26 2020.

  • My new video "Aura Kanerva Merivuokko" premiered at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020. The exhibition was on show from February 2 – March 8 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Solo exhibition "The Naive Potter" at Gallery A2, Helsinki 3.2.-23.2.2020. I showed a new video work "Aura Kanerva Merivuokko" and tempera paintings from the series "The Disciples".



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