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The Animation Station, ongoing

The "animation station" project started when I was working with teenagers in the project Vuosielut in Helsinki. I needed a communication tool, something mobile to bring with me when working in public spaces and during different happenings. The box is a construction for paper animations equipped with a webcam that is connected to a small laptop. Some of the teenagers came to my home to work with animations in a more concentrated way. I also use the station in workshops with adults. The animation station is versatile and suitable for different situations.

Kultur i skolan (Culture in schools)

Kultur i skolan is sponsored by Svenska kulturfonden. I have given several workshops in stop-motion animation or digital animation in ordinary schools for children from 7-12 years.

Art Goes Work 2011-2012

In "Art goes work" i collaborated with the author Monika Fagerholm and employees at the newspaper Västra Nyland in Tammisaari. The project aimed to improve communication, cooperation, health, leadership at the workplace using a variety of artistic methods. We met every second weeks and had workshops in writing, animation, photo and at the end we made a shortfilm about the workplace.

Vuosielut 2010-2011

Vuosielut was a community art project where I was working togehter with a musician and two hip-hop artists.It was a one year art project for teenagers in east Helsinki. I worked mainly with animations, collaborative VJ-ing and documentation of the whole project. I filmed and edited the project trailer below. The project was sponsored by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (Myrsky-hanke)



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