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I started out as a video and installation artist. In my video art I concentrated on making documentary based portraits of people living on the edge of society, something I'm getting back to at the moment. About ten years ago I started to paint, and it was a big change for me after working mainly with digital art for so long. I find the process of painting so fascinating and so different from what I've done before. At the moment I'm painting as well as making video and animation, and I'm also working on a new sound-based public art project.

The underlying theme in my art is the spiritual realm, pondering the mystic inner world, be it my personal experience of the inner world, or a more broad approach for example regarding our relation to nature and ecology. Meditation and spiritual practice is a very important part of my art making.

I did my BA at Turku Art Academy in Finland 1993, and my MA at Valand, Gothenburg University in Sweden 2006. Before that I studied sociology at Åbo Akademi in Turku.

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